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The Airway Revolution Foundation

We battle a problem most people don't know they have.

The Airway Revolution Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(C)3 dedicated to airway disorder awareness, education, and care. It is a movement targeted to lay people.

We believe that it will be the unified voice of the tens of millions of people who suffer from airway disorders that will create the positive tension for universities to educate tomorrow's doctors and allied health professionals better, and for the government and insurers to respond responsibly. Our initiatives amplify the voice of the people through our documentary series and our community health literacy programs. We lead the battle for vast improvement in the quality and access to airway disorder care through our partnerships with universities, corporate relationships, and government initiatives.

Our work will cause millions who are unaware of an underlying airway disorder to become aware and seek care. The demand and voice of the people will inspire universities and healthcare professionals to respectively grow their curriculum, knowledge, and skills to meet this need.

Our mission is to increase awareness, advance education, and improve care, so that millions of children & adults can live healthier lives.

Sydney Avis

Executive Director
[email protected]

Victor Avis, DDS

Chairman of the Board
[email protected]

Change the world one breath at a time.