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It can be challenging to implement complete care into the practice without a plan and advanced training.

IDM Foundations Seminar: On-Demand

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IDM Foundations emphasizes the golden opportunity for dental professionals to gain the knowledge and skills to begin addressing the dental patient’s complete health. To care for the whole person preventatively, not just treating disease as it occurs.

Drawing from scientific research, expand your influence as true specialists in oral medicine. Learn the common links between bruxism, dental wear and malocclusion, headaches, dysfunctional breathing, sleep apnea, gastric reflux, ADHD and TMD that are rarely recognized in the medical community.

What is dentistry’s role in modern medicine?

We have a key role in identifying and addressing several factors of accelerated aging and chronic health conditions that affect total health. Join Dr. Wilkerson and make The Shift. Join the scientific revolution intentionally saving teeth, smiles and lives through Integrative Dental Medicine.

Integrative Dental Medicine (IDM) is the study of dentistry’s role in complete health care.  To simplify this potentially complex subject we will narrow the focus to 3 key pillars that are central to both oral and whole body health:

  • Infection and Inflammation
  • Airway, Breathing & Sleep
  • Temporo-mandibular Disorders and Dental Occlusion

IDM Foundations will address the following questions:


1. What is Integrative Dental Medicine and why is it so important?

2. What’s the critical relationship between oral and systemic inflammation and infection?

3. Why are airway, breathing and sleep disorders central to both Dentistry and complete health?

4. What is the critical connection between TMD, malocclusion, airway and inflammation?

5. How do we build a very successful business model around Integrative Dental Medicine?

The IDM Foundations Seminar includes:

  • An Introduction to Integrative Dental Medicine
  • Inflammation
  • The Inflammation Triad
  • Inflammatory Periodontal Disease
  • The Role of the Periodontal Therapist
  • The Role of Integrative Medicine
  • Airway, Breathing, and Sleep (Part 1)
  • Airway, Breathing, and Sleep (Part 2)
  • TMD and Dental Occlusion
  • The Dental/Medical Collaboration Team
  • The Future of Integrative Dental Medicine
  • Building a Successful IDM Practice Model

...along with a bonus session from Dr. Wilkerson, digital downloads, mobile access, and more! 12 CE credits awarded upon successful completion of the course and exam.

Featured Speakers

Witt Wilkerson,

Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society,
Founder & CEO

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Gina Pritchard,

IDMSS,Ā Vice President, MedicalĀ Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Owner;
Cardiovascular & Oral-Systemic Risk Specialist

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Lora Hooper,

IDMSS, Vice President, Clinical Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Care Coordinator/Patient Educator

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Thomas W. Nabors,

Direct Diagnostic Labs, Chief of Oral Systemic Medicine
Founder of Salivary Diagnostic Testing Oral / Systemic Link

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“Dr. Witt Wilkerson is a go-to mentor! He has a unique gift of teaching the most difficult and hidden aspects of dental medicine with common sense - organized and practical!”

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to utilize an IDM Checklist for evaluating patients
  • Identify airway, breathing and sleep disorders
  • Discover how to screen and test for oral and systemic inflammation
  • Explain the critical connection between inflammation, airway and TMD
  • Understand the business side of Integrative Dental Medicine, including marketing, education, significant new lines of business and exponential profit centers


12 CE Credits Awarded. One CE certificate issued per purchase. For Doctors or Office Managers interested in purchasing for a practice, please reach out to [email protected].

(DDS, DMD, MD, DNP, DO, etc.)


(DA, MA, Office Staff, etc.)


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12 CE Credits awarded upon
successful completion of the course and examination

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