Too many patients are seen in dental offices for TMD signs and symptoms, including sore muscles, headaches, clicking joints, neck-aches, earaches, chronic fatigue, poor sleep and an uncomfortable bite.

Yet we learned very little about evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of TMD in dental school.

Essentials of TMD: On-Demand Course 

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Dental occlusion is a critical element for comfort and stable results with every dental procedure. The health and stability of the temporomandibular joint and muscles are also critical.

Seventy-five percent of dentists say they would like to work on larger cases and be certain they’ll solve problems every time—not cause them. Form, function, and balance in restorative dentistry are intertwined.  Joints, muscles, and dental occlusion must work in concert to produce predictable, stable restorative outcomes.

Learn the anatomy, function and dysfunction of the masticatory system. You will understand the different causes and affects of TMD, and the appropriate treatment options. This intensive course will provide you the knowledge, tools and business strategy to immediately begin addressing these concerns in your practice.

Drawing from over 35 years’ experience problem-solving TMD challenges daily, Dr. Wilkerson brings a clear, straightforward message that practitioners can understand and utilize immediately in the care of patients.

Gain a detailed system of checklists designed to help every dentist reach a higher level of confidence and predictability in tackling more complex cases: from occlusal plane problems, occlusal-muscle dysfunction and smile design, to the anatomy, function, diagnosis and appropriate medical management of temporomandibular joint disorders. This course delivers highly actionable, advanced clinical expertise from a remarkable integrative dentistry practitioner.

The On-Demand Essentials of TMD Course includes:

  • Session 1: What is TMD?
  • Session 2: Temporomandibular Joint Anatomy
  • Session 3: Causes and Effects of TMD
  • Session 4: New Patient Experience - History and Examination
  • Session 5: Diagnosis of TMD, Part 1
  • Session 6: Diagnosis of TMD, Part 2
  • Session 7: Diagnosis of TMD, Part 3
  • Session 8: Diagnosis of TMD, Imaging and Records
  • Session 9: Treatment of TMD, Splints Part 1
  • Session 10: Treatment of TMD, Splints Part 2
  • Session 11: Treatment of TMD, Therapies Part 1
  • Session 12: Treatment of TMD, Therapies Part 2

...along with digital downloads, mobile access, and more!

Learning Objectives

"Dr. Wilkerson’s course is eye opening!

Understanding the connection between TMD, occlusion and sleep apnea helps you get to the root problem. This knowledge definitely brought my practice to a new dimension! I strongly recommend every dentist attend this course!”

-Pepe Suarez, DMD

Students will:

  • Understand the anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint
  • Understand the reasons for pathology and pain the joint region
  • Use the IDM Checklist to screen patients for TMD problems
  • Use the IDM Checklist to guide clinical evaluation and testing for TMD problems
  • View multiple CBCT and MRI images to aid in recognition of pathology in the temporo-mandibular joints
  • Use the IDM Checklist to guide treatment options for various TMD
  • Learn about the three options for occlusal splint therapy for TMD problems


8 CE Credits Awarded. One CE certificate issued per purchase. For Doctors or Office Managers interested in purchasing for a practice, please reach out to [email protected]

(DDS, DMD, MD, DNP, DO, etc.)


(RDH, DA, MA, Office Staff, etc.)


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8 CE Credits awarded upon
successful completion of the course and examination.

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“Dr. Wilkerson demonstrates an exceptional comprehension, interpretation and application of science, evidence-based knowledge and the art of esthetics in integrated dental medicine like no other!”

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