Are your patients presenting with scalloped tongue, obstructed throat, narrow arches, or tongue thrusts that are reflective of airway and sleep disorders?

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Essentials of Airway/Sleep: On-Demand Course

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Dental professionals see patients every day with forward head posture, nasal congestion, morning headaches, clenching/grinding and other symptoms that suggest airway and sleep disorders. Too often, dentists don’t feel confident diagnosing or treating problems of the airway proactively. It’s time for that to change.

The most critical function of the human body is proper breathing. When breathing is disrupted, whole body health is affected, including oral health. Breathing disorders can negatively affect cranial-facial growth and development, produce dental malocclusions, stimulate abnormal tongue-thrusting, cause mouth-breathing affects such as dry mouth, increased periodontal inflammation and caries. Disrupted breathing due to allergies, nasal passage deformation, and enlarged tonsils and adenoids, can produce respiratory distress, sleep disruption and systemic inflammation. Airway, breathing and sleep disorders are critical subjects in dentistry.

Gain a step-by-step checklist for evaluating every dental patient for sleep disordered breathing.Ā 

Explore the relationships between airway/breathing problems, the significance of nasal vs. mouth breathing, the relationship to dental malocclusions, facial growth and development, childhood symptoms of “ADHD” caused by poor breathing and sleep deprivation, sleep disordered breathing related TMD, and early onset dementia due to reduced brain oxygen at night. Examine treatment protocols for oral appliance management and orthodontic resolution.

Dr. Wilkerson’s in-depth clinical expertise on disordered airway function covers a full interdisciplinary breadth of the field. Don’t miss this important opportunity to learn the state of the science for dentistry leading the way into the future of recognition and intervention of sleep disorders.

"Dr. Wilkerson’s passionate approach is amazing to witness.

He has put many doctors on the path to identifying patients at risk for sleep disordered breathing and has raised awareness of sleep being a global issue and not just the focus of the mouth and the appliance."

-Chris M. Lajoie, Airway Project Manager

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the detailed relationships between airway, breathing, sleep, inflammation, and dental concerns
  • Receive and utilize a checklist for screening, testing and treating airway and sleep disorders
  • Demonstrate the use of high-resolution pulse oximeters and home sleep tests for breathing disordered sleep
  • Determine how to collaborate with other medical specialists to address airway and sleep disorders
  • Discover a business model for profitability, insurance coding and marketing new services and lines of business

TheĀ Essentials of Airway and Sleep Course includes:

  • Why are Airway Studies Important to IDM?
  • Young Children, Young Adults, Middle Age Adults
  • Bruxism and Airway Disorders
  • IDM Checklist - History, Signs, and Symptoms
  • IDM Checklist - Clinical Signs
  • IDM Checklist - Screening and Testing
  • Imaging: CBCT and MRI
  • IDM Checklist - Treatment Options, Part 1
  • IDM Checklist - Treatment Options, Part 2
  • IDM Checklist - Treatment Options, Part 3
  • The Inflammation Triad - Airway to Pathogens to Plaque
  • Implementation

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Witt Wilkerson,

Integrative Dental Medicine
Scholar Society,
FounderĀ & CEO

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Gina Pritchard,

IDMSS, Vice President, Medical Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Owner; Cardiovascular & Oral-Systemic Risk Specialist

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Lora Hooper,

IDMSS, Vice President, Clinical Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Care Coordinator/Patient Educator

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7 CE Credits Awarded.Ā One CE certificate issued per purchase. For Doctors or Office Managers interested in purchasing for a practice, please reach out to [email protected].

(DDS, MD, PA, NP, CDT, etc.)


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“Dr. Wilkerson demonstrates an exceptional comprehension, interpretation and application of science, evidence-based knowledge and the art of esthetics in integrated dental medicine like no other!”

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