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May 17-18, 2024 | Knoxville, TN

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Never in history has it been more important to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and build a strong immune system.

We understand the dangers associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other co-morbidities that put us at risk when exposed to the viral world around us. We don’t want to live in fear.

It’s time for a dramatic change!

Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society workshops, seminars and conferences are designed to help participants lean into the vision and opportunity to significantly impact the complete health of their own lives, their family, their dental patients and their community.

Through the dynamic and eye-opening presentations of world class researchers, clinicians and leaders in dentistry and medicine, learn how to proactively attack the health crisis in our nation.

Gain insights into the roles of genetics, nutrition, physical activity, toxins, inflammation, infection, airway, breathing, sleep, stress and TMD… as we learn how to collaborate in dentistry and medicine to find solutions.

Your team will learn the business of Integrative Dental Medicine, including marketing, education, significant new lines of business and exponential profit centers.

Get Started with IDMSS:
Join the Virtual IDM Study Club

Join IDM Scholar Society's FREE virtual Study Club for presentations, case studies, Q&A, and follow up from each IDMSS workshop. Meetings take place the first Wednesday of every other month at 8pm Eastern.

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Learn about IDM Scholar Society's on-demand educational offerings. Begin your journey and lead the revolution in your community!

Begin your educational journey with IDMSS on-demand courses! Learn about the foundations of integrative dental medicine in the IDM Foundations Seminar, followed by a deeper dive into each pillar of IDM with the IDMSS Essentials Courses. Move through each subject at your own pace in your own time, all from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Your IDM Scholar Society educational pathway begins with:

IDM Foundations Seminar

On-Demand Course Available Now

What is dentistry's role in modern medicine? Gain the knowledge and skills to begin addressing the dental patient’s complete health. To care for the whole person preventatively, not just treating disease as it occurs. Drawing from scientific research, expand your influence as a true specialist in oral medicine.

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Essentials of Inflammation

On-Demand Course: Available Now!

Systemic inflammation is the primary factor related to chronic breakdown of our complete health. Learn how to recognize the signs, symptoms and cycle of oral inflammation and infection. Gain the knowledge, tools and business strategy to immediately begin addressing these concerns in your practice.

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Essentials of Airway/Sleep

On-Demand Course: Available Now!

When breathing is disrupted, whole body health is affected, including oral health. We see patients every day with forward head posture, nasal congestion, morning headaches, clenching/grinding and other symptoms that suggest airway and sleep disorders. Gain confidence in diagnosing and treating problems of the airway proactively.

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Essentials of

On-Demand Course: Available Now!

Too many patients are seen in dental offices for TMD signs and symptoms, yet we learned very little about evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of TMD in dental school. Form, function, and balance in restorative dentistry are intertwined. This course delivers highly actionable, advanced clinical expertise for generating predictable, restorative outcomes.

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Bundle IDM On-Demand Courses and Community with the OASIS Mastery Program and Save!

Go from medical-dental confusion to clarity with the full range of IDM offerings.

OASIS Level 1: Inflammation Care Coordinator

Understand the big picture of inflammation and develop effective strategies to implement salivary testing in your practice today. OASIS Level 1 includes:

  • IDM Foundations Seminar
  • Essentials of Inflammation Course
  • Inflammation Online Community
  • Fall 2023 Masterclass
  • Recordings from the Advanced Inflammation Workshop
  • and more!
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OASIS Level 2: Airway/TMD Care Coordinator

Build on the foundation of Level One training to strengthen your skills in evaluating airway, breathing, sleep and Temporomandibular disorders. OASIS Level 2 includes:

  • Essentials of Airway Course
  • Essentials of TMD Course
  • Airway/TMD Online Community
  • Winter 2024 Masterclass
  • Ticket to the Advanced Airway/TMD Workshop
  • and more!
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OASIS Levels 1 and 2

All of the most popular IDMSS offerings in one place! Bundle the features of OASIS Level 1 and 2 to master all three pillars of Integrative Dental Medicine.

  • Full suite of IDM On-Demand Courses
  • Inflammation Online Community
  • Airway/TMD Online Community
  • Fall 2023 Inflammation Masterclass
  • Winter 2024 Airway/TMD Masterclass
  • Access to both Advanced Workshops
  • and more!
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Join IDMSS in person:

2024 IDM Revolution! Annual Symposium

Bring your team and join us!

May 17-18, 2024
Knoxville, TN

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Make the Shift toward health-centered dentistry today.

Join IDM Scholar Society and launch forward into the new era of health-centered patient care!

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