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DeWitt C. Wilkerson, DMD

Founder, CEO

The majority of dentists have similar clinical concerns when diagnosing and treating masticatory problems: What is causing the problem? Is it going to break? Should I even get involved? Will I make it worse? How can I make it better? Dr. Wilkerson’s presentations help dental professionals gain the skills and understanding to become a problem solver and not a problem causer.

Dr. DeWitt “Witt” Wilkerson joined Dr. Peter Dawson’s private practice in 1982 where he is a partner. This has provided invaluable clinical experience in a world renowned clinical culture. Dr. Wilkerson lectures world- wide on the subjects of restorative dentistry, dental occlusion, temporomandibular disorders, airway/dental sleep medicine, and integrative dental medicine. He serves as a Senior Faculty/Lecturer and Director of Dental Medicine with the Dawson Academy and has provided 600+ days of lectures and hands on instruction to over 4,000 dentists. His book, The Shift: The Dramatic Movement Toward Health Centered Dentistry, provides a step-by-step guide to implementing complete health through dentistry.

Dr. Wilkerson is Past-President of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) and Past-President of the American Equilibration Society (AES). Additionally, he is pleased to serve as Director of Dental Medicine at the Dawson Academy, Adjunct Professor of Graduate Studies, the University of Florida College of Dentistry, and former Associate Faculty and Special Lecturer, the L.D. Pankey Institute.


Lora Hooper, BSDH, RDH, EFDA

Vice President, Clinical Director

Lora received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary certification from The Ohio State University in 1995. Then, in 2011, she became a Preceptor of the Bale Doneen Method. Lora continues her education through SSRP, Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute, completing their peptide program focusing on disease reversal and prevention at the cellular level. Her current passion is applying this knowledge to the dental profession, moving from symptom suppression to disease reversal.

Lora is the Vice President & Clinical Director for IDMSS, Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society. As a speaker and workshop coach, she helps dental professionals gain the knowledge and skills to address patients’ oral-systemic health. Lora is featured on the Ask Why Medicine and Cheat Codes for Health podcasts, educating the public and colleagues on the new gold standard in oral-systemic care.

In 2017, Lora became the first dental hygienist in the nation to work for a cardiologist in an oral-systemic practice, integrating the Bale Doneen Method into care. In 2020, Lora began working as a care coordinator for Dr. Gina Pritchard at the Prevent Clinic, where she uses her expertise in dental knowledge, managing patient care, and incorporating her passion for improving patients' lives through integrating oral & general medicine into practice.

Lora is the dental speaker for MDVIP Cardio Collaboration and a visiting Faculty Member of the Pankey Institute.

Lora is also a member of the ADHA, ODHA, AAOSH, and SSRP. She has previously served as Continuing Education Chair for the CDHA and was a liaison for the ODHA to the OSDB. Lora has 28 years of clinical experience as a dental hygienist.

Lora was previously co-owner of Dental Hygiene Excellence, coaching dental teams on her founded DHEmethod for over 20 years. She has been a key speaker, coach, and consultant on oral salivary diagnostics for over 15 years, has overseen over 10,000 saliva tests, and has treated over 3,000 salivary diagnostic cases herself in clinical practice.

She is a Key Opinion Leader for the IDM Scholar Society, Prevent Clinic, MDVIP, Pankey Institute, Spectrum Solutions, ProBiora Health, and SuperMouth. You can find Lora spending quality time with her family and reading oral systemic health research in her spare time. Fun facts about Lora are that she was a figure skater for The Ohio State University and is currently called the Biohacker of the Oral Microbiome.


Gina Pritchard, DNP, RN, CNS, ACNP-BC

Vice President, Medical Director

Gina Pritchard DNP, RN, CNS, ACNP-BC is a board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, specializing in cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. She is in private practice and is the owner of The Prevent Clinic located in Frisco, Texas. Dr. Pritchard treats patients using the PREVENT! Protocols©, the premiere strategy for successful clinical application of disease prevention, health optimization, and ageless living. Dr. Pritchard is on the Board of Directors for The Airway Revolution Foundation and is the Co-Clinical Director of Education for the Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society. She a BaleDoneen Method provider and is one of the nation’s leading specialists in and national speaker for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and dementia.

Dr. Pritchard, states, “We currently have the science and technology to reverse aging and live vibrantly to our last breath. How do you begin? Start by ensuring you have had all the best tests, looking into your own biology to ensure you are protected from chronic disease. Then you will be armed with the information you need to take powerful steps to go beyond disease prevention, move on to optimize your own health. and improve your daily performance.”

Dr. Pritchard’s Doctoral work focused on increasing global awareness and use of computed tomography (CT) and B-mode ultrasound for thorough, high- quality assessment of the arterial wall, specifically looking a coronary artery calcification and status of the arterial endothelial-intimal-media layers, to ensure arterial wellness. The knowledge, techniques, and treatments are readily available to live life free from the #1 killers - heart attack, stroke, and dementia. Dr. Pritchard’s life work is focused on bringing life-saving, life-improving education, techniques, quick-start tools, and application support to you in order for you to live life uninterrupted by cardiovascular disease and full of health and zest for life. No matter what your age is, Dr. Pritchard wants to help you create your future story – your dream life, uninterrupted and unlimited.

“Dr. Witt Wilkerson is a natural teacher.

His exceptional knowledge of functional and restorative dentistry combined with his expertise in airway issues and integrative dental medicine bring a unique perspective to his programs.”

–Joan Forrest; Executive Vice President The Dawson Academy

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