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Transformational Personal Hygiene Solutions

Society has become too focused on treating and relieving symptoms and too reactive in their health choices. Xlear, Inc. exists to empower people to proactively control their health through simple means, backed by science. A pillar to one’s good health is strong personal hygiene practices - washing hands, brushing teeth, cleansing the nose and sinuses. Implementing proper hygiene has led societies through pandemics, improved life expectancy, and saved countless lives.

Xylitol is the foundational ingredient in the products produced by Xlear, Inc. Through scores of studies, researchers have determined that xylitol protects against bad bacteria and viruses. Xylitol, a natural ingredient derived from corncobs and birch trees, inhibits germs from sticking to teeth and tissue, allowing the body to more easily wash them out. To harness the power of xylitol, Xlear, Inc. has created two brands of products, both of which support the Gateway Microbiome - the mouth and the nose.

Spry Dental Defense features products that work together to provide on-the-go solutions for proper oral care morning and night, and throughout the day. Xlear Sinus Care has a line of products to help people wash their noses, open their airways, and protect against the onslaught of airborne contaminants they encounter every day. These products empower people to take control of their health by using easy, convenient yet innovative means.

Fighting Vital Battles with Hygiene and Science

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