We know how to recognize the signs, symptoms, and cycle of oral inflammation and infection.

But how do we implement an Integrative Dental Medicine
approach in our day to day practice?

Advanced Inflammation & Infection Workshop

Coming Fall 2024

We know that systemic inflammation is the primary factor in chronic breakdown of our total health.

Dental professionals require the tools and knowledge to effectively evaluate, diagnose, and treat various local and systemic inflammatory disorders. Join IDMSS in this comprehensive workshop where participants will engage in hands-on activities, including case studies, role play exercises, and collaborative treatment planning, all aimed at enhancing their understanding of the oral-systemic connection and empowering patients towards better health.

Recommended prerequisites: IDM Foundations Seminar, Essentials of Inflammation

In this hands-on workshop, learn to empower your clinical team to implement new systems in their practice related to oral pathogens, salivary testing, non-surgical periodontal therapy, systemic inflammation screening (diabetes, GERD, inflammatory markers), patient education and lifestyle coaching.
Attendance is limited.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize the IDM Checklist to guide evaluation, screening, testing, diagnosis and treatment of various local & systemic inflammatory disorders.
  • Develop a clear working knowledge of salivary testing the 5 high risk periodontal pathogens through evaluating multiple case examples and before & after treatment reports
  • Participate in role play exercises designed to help patients understand the oral-systemic connection and specific lifestyle changes that can empower them toward better health
  • Participate in analyzing case studies of patients with elevated salivary and blood markers for inflammation and infection
  • Collaborate with a partner(s) to develop specific treatment plans, based on using the provided therapy guidelines sheet
  • Learn the clinical options for assessing blood sugar levels and metabolic health status
  • Evaluate blood panels for systemic inflammatory markers
  • Develop a treatment strategy for your own health
  • Strategize on how to build your own successful IDM practice model
  • Create a strategy for producing a significant ROI in your own practice

"Dr. Wilkerson’s passionate approach is amazing to witness.

He has put many doctors on the path to identifying patients at risk for sleep disordered breathing and has raised awareness of sleep being a global issue and not just the focus of the mouth and the appliance."

-Chris M. Lajoie, Airway Project Manager

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the detailed relationships between airway, breathing, sleep, inflammation and dental concerns
  • Receive and utilize a checklist for screening, testing and treating airway and sleep disorders
  • Receive training in the use of high-resolution pulse oximeters and home sleep tests for breathing disordered sleep
  • Receive training in how to collaborate with other medical specialists to address airway and sleep disorders
  • Discover a business model for profitability, insurance coding and marketing new services and lines of business


St. Petersburg, FL

Fall 2024

Featured Speakers

Witt Wilkerson,

Integrative Dental Medicine
Scholar Society,
FounderĀ & CEO

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Gina Pritchard,

IDMSS,Ā Vice President, Medical Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Owner;
Cardiovascular & Oral-Systemic Risk Specialist

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Lora Hooper,

IDMSS, Co-Clinical Director;
The Prevent Clinic, Care Coordinator
and Patient Educator

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CE Credits awarded.
Must be present and available for the full workshop.

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“Dr. Wilkerson demonstrates an exceptional comprehension, interpretation and application of science, evidence-based knowledge and the art of esthetics in integrated dental medicine like no other!”

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